Want to see how rich Thai billionaires live? Then you should go to the real palace of the Chicken King or Baan Sukhavati. 

“Baan” is translated from Thai as “home”, “sukhavadi” from Sanskrit – “heavenly land”. The palace was built in 2000, don’t expect antiquity and antiquity. But Thai kitsch, the neighbourhood of paintings by monarchs and the Mona Lisa, an abundance of gold and pomp are provided.

Who is the "chicken king"?

This is what the billionaire Panya Chotitawan, the founder of Saha Farms, modestly calls himself. He made his fortune by raising chickens, opening the first farm in 1969. Bird meat and eggs in his supermarket on Asok Street flew in an instant. The business has become so successful that now frozen chicken is shipped to other countries: Japan, China, Germany, England and others.

Today poultry farms are located in 18 provinces. Therefore, there is a 99% chance that the chicken in your dish ordered in Thailand will be grown by the Chicken King.

Chicken King or Baan Sukhavati

Palace and its territory

Famous Thai architects worked on the creation of the palace. The complex has a dozen buildings, a huge garden, a park with sculptures, conference rooms, a pond and a magnificent view of the Gulf of Thailand. The owner’s ancestors came from China, so the design combines European eclecticism and Asian feng shui.

The main building was built in the Baroque style. The color combination of blue and pink is generously flavored with gold. Panya Chotitavan considers blue a symbol of water and the beginning of life, pink – a symbol of love, unity and prosperity. The interiors of the six-story building are painted with paintings, in some rooms, there are statues of Chinese gods. At the entrance to the palace, everyone is treated to traditional rice milk.

The standard admission ticket includes admission to the park and all buildings. First, go to the roof of the palace, where a large collection of statues is collected. The elevator is lavishly decorated with gold according to all the traditions.

A picturesque view of the entire territory opens from the roof of the palace. Don’t miss the two dragon lion statues imported from China. According to legend, you need to put a donation and make a wish, then it will definitely come true. On the terrace, there is a golden statue of Buddha, adjacent to the figures of Christian angels.

The main attraction on the terrace is a hall with a statue of the Chinese Goddess of Mercy. It is made of real gold and precious stones. Most Asian visitors donate money and make wishes. The hall is decorated with carved figures of dragons, and the ceiling is painted in the best traditions of the Hermitage.

The interiors of the other floors of the palace are also unusual. You can walk in any open area. There are locks on the doors of some halls, the entrance is limited. In terms of splendour and luxury, the interiors of the palace are similar to the royal estates in Russia. Of course, it does not reach Peterhof, but the direction is correct.

Ancient Greek art meets European classicism, Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Weighty crystal chandeliers, baroque splendor, stucco, copies of paintings by world masters, portraits of Thai kings, fountains with cherubs, carpets, knight armor and even a statue of Merlin Monroe – everything is here. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a golden toilet in the closet somewhere. On the ground floor, you will see a very beautiful mother-of-pearl floor mosaic.

Conference Hall Buddha Barami

This huge free-standing building is called a conference room. Its interior also shines with luxury and splendour. The hall is intended for Buddhist ceremonies. The floor is covered with a huge carpet, which is considered the largest in Asia. Along the perimeter, there are various religious exhibitions, statues of Buddha and famous monks, frescoes with ancient Greek myths, a flower wall, paintings and a portrait of King Rama X. The key is the statue of the Emerald Buddha – a copy of a relic from the Royal Palace in Bangkok.

An important place is occupied by the theme of the chicken – one of the symbols of the palace. Their figurines are carved out of wood, sculpted with ornaments from pieces of mirrors, cast in metal and painted with gold paint.

Unfortunately, in June 2020, the conference room caught fire and the interior was completely destroyed by fire.

A park

The territory of the palace complex is not inferior to the interiors. The park is lavishly decorated with carved sculptures. There are figures of elephants, a giant lobster, and gilded European statues, as if fresh from Versailles. Coloured carps swim in the pond, and peacocks roam the garden. Take pictures in the gazebo of love or on the bridge over the fountain.

For a long time, the territory looked like a European garden, until the Chicken King decided to go further. Huge trees were built, like a garden by the bay in Singapore. In the evening, the lights turn on, and the park plays with different colours.

Benches were set up along the seashore for visitors to watch the sunset. It is better to arrive at the palace after 4 pm to see the sun setting behind the cape with the Temple of Truth. So you will see the whole territory in the light of day, and after sunset, you will also find the evening illumination.

Lunch and dinner

Guests of the Chicken King’s Palace are offered to take a ticket with lunch or dinner included. They are held according to the buffet system. The menu includes all kinds of chicken dishes, vegetables, spaghetti, rice, fruits. There is a separate seafood buffet option at an additional cost. The restaurant has a stage where transvestites perform. In my opinion, both transvestite shows and lunch in Pattaya can be found better. Don’t expect something supernatural. And if possible, skip this entertainment altogether.

How to get to the Chicken King's Palace?

The attraction is located near the Sukhumvit road, in the north of Pattaya. It is impossible to drive by. The palace can be reached by taxi, tuk-tuk for 10 baht or rented transport. Next to the complex is the Halloween Van Gogh Museum. You can visit both attractions in one day.

Baan Sukhawadee

Address: 219 Moo 2, Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya

Coordinates: 12.982092, 100.917410

Ticket price: for adults – 500 baht, for children under 120 cm – 300 baht, children below 100 cm are admitted free.

Opening hours: daily from 8:00 to 22:00.

The transvestite show, lunch and dinner run from 11:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00.

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