Attractions in Pattaya include parks, gardens, unusual temples, amazing beauty spots, interesting excursions and activities for the whole family. Thailand is also famous for its precious stones – pearls of the Andaman Sea, sapphires and rubies from the central region. James Galerie is a renowned jewelry store in Pattaya that offers a large selection of gold and silver jewelry. Other branches are open in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.


Among all the jewelry stores in Pattaya, Gems Gallery was the first to receive worldwide recognition and certificates. Today the company is among the top 300 leading jewelry brands. The factory employs over a hundred international designers. Sales consultants speak dozens of languages, including Russian. James Gallery stores are visited by several million customers every year.

Gems Gallery Jewelry Factory in Pattaya

The factory offers its customers a free transfer from the hotel to the store and back. Order it by phone +66 84 905 6656 or WhatsApp or Viber messengers. Already at the entrance to the factory, an exciting journey into the world of stones and jewelry begins. You are greeted by girls in traditional Thai dresses, greeting you with a “wai” gesture. They escort to the train, which goes on an educational excursion to the depths of the underground. You will learn many interesting facts from the world of Thai gems.

Gems Discovery ride

Tour of the jewellery factory

The Pattaya Jewelry Factory is the largest of all Thai branches. Its area is more than 15 thousand square meters. Part of the building is occupied by an interactive tunnel that tells about the stones of Thailand, their extraction and the manufacture of jewelry. The tour is conducted in Russian. Sitting on the train, you will drive through an animated dungeon with moving scenery. See with your own eyes the birth of minerals. Learn interesting facts about the extraction of precious stones in Thailand and their transformation into chic jewelry. After the train ride, you will go to a workshop where several jewelers work. Factory foremen use ordinary rough tools in their work. And as a result, jewelry of incredible beauty is born.

Jewellery at James Gallery

After getting to know the workshop and production, you will be taken to the sales areas. Items with precious stones made of silver and gold are exhibited here. All gems at the factory are carefully selected by gemologists. Sapphires and rubies are mined directly in the Kingdom, in the mines of the Kanchanaburi and Chanthaburi provinces. In the store, you will find both pink and yellow sapphires, as well as the rarest star-shaped ones. In addition to Thai stones, the factory works with imported ones brought from Myanmar, South Africa, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Colombia.

Jewelry showroom

The entire space of the store is divided into several halls. The central showcases of the main pavilion are the VIP zone. Here you will see the exclusive factory and the pride of Thai designers. Earrings with diamond rings with star sapphires, brooches with rare tanzanite – these are just some of the unique gizmos. Jewelry prices in the VIP zone can go up to several million baht. The designs of all products are unique, so you cannot take photographs or video cameras in the store.

In the display cases to the right of the entrance, you will find pearl items: earrings, rings, necklaces and individual threads. Bracelets or necklaces of the required length are assembled for individual requests. You can even choose a gold or silver clasp from several options. Pearls at the factory in Pattaya are divided into river, sea and nature. The cost of the latter can go up to several tens of thousands of baht. You can even buy individual pearls in the store.

Separate display cases are reserved for processed natural stones. Each purchase is accompanied by a description and a certificate of quality. To the left of the entrance, you will see a large selection of jewelry with gold and stones. Here are not only sapphires and rubies but also emerald, diamond, aquamarine, jadeite, tourmaline, amethyst, topaz, garnet, chrysolite, opal and others. Don’t think that jewelry is a purchase for women only. Here you will find a large selection of products for men: rings, bracelets, cufflinks, pendants.

Several showcases in the main hall are reserved for silver jewelry. Its production is highly developed in Thailand. Therefore, prices for silver jewelry are affordable. Silver earrings and rings, as well as other items with stones, are covered with a thin layer of rhodium. Such decorations do not darken and do not lose their appearance for many years. All of James Galari’s silverware is stamped with a factory stamp.

Thai gold

A popular question among tourists is “Why is Thai gold so yellow?” It’s all about the ligature. Silver is added to the alloy instead of copper, so the color is unusually yellow. Gold jewelry in Thailand is marked according to the British system of carat fineness, not metric. So 585 samples will correspond to 14 carats, 750 – 18 carats, 833 – 20 carats, 990 – 24 carats. The most common jewelry in the factory is 14 and 18 carat.

Jewelry showroom

Certificates and guarantees

When buying gold jewelry in the Gems Gallery store, they issue a lifetime certificate of quality. The letterhead contains a description of the jewelry, its photograph and price. If there are diamonds in the product, they will additionally issue a passport of the Institute of Gemmology GIA. At any time, you can contact one of the factory branches to have your jewelry cleaned or repaired free of charge. And if you get tired of a ring or earrings, you can exchange them for another piece of jewelry with a surcharge.

Factory prices

The cost of jewelry depends on the metal, stones and the complexity of the design. A simple silver ring or pendant with zirconia will cost 700-1000 baht. Gold earrings with ruby ​​- 3000-5000 baht. A string of river pearls – from 2000-3000 baht. The factory’s jewelers are ready to custom-make any product according to your sketch. Or you can pick up something exclusive according to European standards. For all buyers, the consultants will not only select the jewelry they like but also adjust the size of the ring.

There are no restrictions on the export of jewelry with precious stones at Thai customs if you have a factory certificate with you. Silver jewelry is not subject to certification, with rare exceptions. They can be freely exported from the country.

Souvenirs and exotic leather goods

A large selection of souvenirs and leather goods is presented on a separate trading floor. Here you will find crocodile bags and belts, stingray and sea snake wallets, cow briefcases and much more. In a separate display case, there are products made from Thai silk. Souvenir products at the factory are not so diverse, however, there are some unusual things. For example, a Thai porcelain tea set or a painting.

Free transfer to a jewelry factory in Pattaya

For its customers, the James Gelari store offers a free transfer from the hotel and back. Call +66 84 905 6656 or write a message on WhatsApp or Viber, indicating your hotel, room number, time and date of travel. A comfortable car will come for you, the driver will have a list with your last name.

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