Temple of Heaven and Hell

The Wat Saen Suk temple complex in southeastern Thailand is a theme park dedicated to the afterlife. Its territory is divided into two zones – Paradise and Hell. Lush gardens are prepared for the righteous. And as a visual aid to sinners, frightening sculptures and monuments are installed. One look at the faces twisted with pain of those who despised strict Buddhist rules is enough to think about their own karma.

Wat Saen Suk heaven hell temple chonburi thailand pattaya religion

Wat Saen Suk Suthi Wararam houses Maha Chedi Ket Kaew Chulamani Asana Suk Maha Wihan.

Sculptures and illustrations

Sculptural compositions illustrate the punishments that are prepared for sinners. They are boiled in cauldrons, birds eat them alive and impale them. Those who harm nature are turned into moose and goats, alcoholics are forced to drink red-hot lead, and thieves’ hands are cut off. Hellish torments await those who cheated, betrayed, gambled, and used drugs. Some figures in hellish torments resemble art objects – sinners with shrimp heads.

In the Gardens of Eden, there are sculptures of the Buddha and the righteous meditating in the shade of trees. Also on the territory of the theme park, there is a pond in which a huge number of turtles swim. You can feed them – special food is sold nearby.

Wat Saen Suk heaven hell temple chonburi thailand pattaya religion

Entering the water, depth and waves

Entrance to the territory of the Temple of Heaven and Hell is free. However, monetary donations are “hinted” at every turn; urns for banknotes and coins are placed throughout the park. Thais believe that the best way to get rid of haunting failures is to leave a large amount of money for the needs of the Wat Saen Suk temple, thus atoning for sins. For convenience, the approximate amount of donations is even indicated here – depending on age and even the sign according to the eastern horoscope. On average, it is the sum of the last two digits in your date of birth plus the number of years you have lived.

The resort town of Bang Saen has excellent beaches – if you wish, you can stay here for a few days. But it is better to avoid weekends and holidays: the place is very popular with locals, and on peak dates, the coast is not overcrowded.

Wat Saen Suk heaven hell temple chonburi thailand pattaya religion

How to get there

The Temple of Heaven and Hell is located in the resort of Bang Saen, 45 kilometers north of Pattaya and 90 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. The most convenient option to get to the sights is to use a taxi. The driver will wait for you while you explore the theme park and then drive you back to your hotel. So you save time and effort – you can get to Wat Saen Suk by public transport, but with several transfers. The cost of a taxi from Bangkok is about 1000 baht one way and from Pattaya – 500 baht.

There is no direct bus service between Bangkok and Wat Saen Suk. Mini and regular buses to Bang Saen depart from Victory Monument Skytrain Station. The fare is about 100 baht per person. Travel time is just over an hour. Further, the Temple of Heaven and Hell can be reached on foot or by tuk-tuk. From Bangsaen, mini buses back to Bangkok leave from the Laemtong shopping center.

You can get to Wat Saen Suk from Pattaya by public transport with one change. First, you need to get to the Sukhumvit highway by any transport heading towards Bangkok (for example, to Chonburi), then catch a bus or minibus to Bang Saen. The fare is about 60 baht. Further – on foot or by tuk-tuk to the temple. The total travel time will be about an hour.

Organized tours of the Temple of Heaven and Hell are included in the popular Discovery tourist program. Full-day tours depart daily from Pattaya and Bangkok.


Temple Wat Saen Suk is located in the resort town of Bang Saen, north of Pattaya, in the province of Chonburi, in the southeast of Thailand.

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Klang Villa residents can receive help when wanting to arrange a little expedition to this location. 


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