Where to Buy Electronics in Thailand 2022

When on holiday with friends, family, or going solo, buying gadgets in Thailand is a must-have. So we have made a list of great places to visit to save you time and money

List of popular stores in Thailand where you can buy electrical household goods, computer equipment, and various gadgets

Choosing an electronics store in Thailand that provides reasonable services and products at reasonable prices is a difficult task, so it is important to choose wisely. For peace of mind, it is recommended to shop at IT stores or large chain malls that sell retail goods, such as Central and The Mall, which feature original and trustworthy brands.


Opened in 1996 by Central Group, the Powerbuy store can be found in every Central mall throughout Thailand. This includes a second chain of malls called Robinsons.

Powerbuy is Thailand’s largest electronics retailer. It also has one of the most comprehensive catalogs of appliances and electrical goods in the country. Each store carries a wide range of major brands of electronics, including phones, computers, headphones and televisions. The store also sells a variety of home electronics, including refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, fans and wine coolers

powerbuy electronics pattaya technology

Power Buy located nation wide


Power Mall is Powerbuy’s main competitor, owned by The Mall Group. Located in every department store of The Mall throughout Thailand. Siam Paragon and Emporium are run by The Mall Group, so you will find Power Mall there as well. Just by walking into an air-conditioned, well-designed store, you can greatly enhance your shopping experience. Any item is at your fingertips.

powermall electronics technology thailand

Power Mall located nation wide


JIB is, without a doubt, the hub of all things computer related. This store has been helping people with computer equipment for decades. The chain has over 150 stores all over Thailand, you can find them in a variety of locations, all conveniently located and surrounded by many other stores. The employees are friendly to customers, even those who are just browsing or want to know more about the latest technology, so you can be sure to get qualified answers to any questions you may have.

Can’t find anything that fits? At JIB, you can build your own computer. Just tell them what you need and the staff will assemble everything you need for you.

JIB mega computer store hyper thailand market electronic technology

JIB computer shop located nation wide

Home Pro

HomePro Center, a joint project of Land and Houses and Quality Houses, was founded in June 1995. About a year later, in September 1996, the company opened its first store in Rangsit called HomePro. Many people know them as the store to visit when you need to find everything for your home. It’s a prime location for many home improvement projects. HomePro is very similar to the American Home Depot.

HomePro is a popular place to go when you need to improve your home. It has everything you need, from beds, sofas and tables to lights and lamps, gardening and household appliances. But the store not only deals with goods for home improvement and repair, but also offers electronics for your apartment. There are refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, fans, coffee makers, televisions and other appliances for sale.

If you’re moving to Thailand and need items for your apartment or home, don’t miss HomePro.

homepro electronics technology market supermarket hypermarket home improvement

HomePro located nation wide


We don’t recommend that you consider MBK as your main shopping mall for electronics in Thailand, as there are many cheap knock-offs sold here, mostly from China. We don’t want our readers to buy counterfeit products. Nevertheless, this is a great place to have on your list, especially for buying accessories for your phone, tablet or computer. It’s also a good place to repair appliances, such as replacing your phone battery, but before you choose a store, take a walk around.

mbk thailand hypermarket supermarket electronics bangkok appliances

MBK mega store located in Bangkok

Fortune Town

Photographers and videographers will fall in love with Fortune Town. There are plenty of stores devoted to photography equipment: tripods, lights, lenses, camera bodies, accessories, and more. Gamers will love it here, too, as there are countless computer products.

fotune town electronics superstore megastore technology

Fortune Town in Bangkok

Banana IT

Banana IT is similar to JIB. The chain has many branches around the country specializing in computers and gadgets. They also sell cell phones.


banana it computer electronics technology super mega hyper shop store mall

Banana IT Shop located nationally

Klang Villa residents can receive help when wanting to arrange a little expedition to this location. 

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