Jomtien area and beach in Pattaya

Jomtien (Jamtien, Jomtien, English Jomtien, Chom Tien) is a town located 3 kilometers south of Pattaya . Officially, it is an independent entity, but tourists consider it just a district of Pattaya and do not separate these two places in any way.

Most reviews of Jomtien are positive, tourists, in particular, believe that this is one of the best areas in Pattaya for families with children.

Jomtien stretches for several kilometers along the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. In its central and southern parts, there is a road about 50-70 m from the sea. The traffic there is not very busy, there is no constant flow of cars. In the northern part, which includes Dongtan Beach, only the pedestrian street runs parallel to the sea.

Jomtien Pattaya Beach

Immediately behind the beach area are hotels, bars, restaurants, massage parlors and travel agencies. Small lanes run perpendicular to the coast, some of them stretching to the Sukhumvit highway. In fact, the entire infrastructure in Jomtien is located 100-200 meters from the sea. Then deserted fields begin, which have not yet been built up with anything, only in some places there are lonely skyscrapers. Only in some sections, hotels and restaurants go all the way to Sukhumvit. And this is very different from Central Pattaya and Naklua, where the apple has nowhere to fall and there are practically no green corners left.

Jomtien is a pretty quiet place. Music does not thunder here, shows and other major events are not arranged in the evenings. In some areas (especially closer to the south) after sunset, there are very few people on the street at all.

There are no large markets, shops and shopping malls, large discos and Go-Go bars with girls on Jomtien. Everything else is present in the town: a large selection of hotels and inexpensive guesthouses, restaurants with cuisines from all over the world, bars (where you can find a secret for the night), travel agencies (organizing transfers to the most interesting places in Thailand), massage parlors (where it is possible as usual massage, and special – for men). Jomtien has Internet cafes, ATMs, motorbike rentals, and shops with souvenirs, clothes, shoes and beach accessories.

If you want to “light it up like an adult”, then just sit on a Songthaew and in 10-15 minutes you will find yourself in the center of nightlife, among the many shops, discos and bars with girls on Volkin Street.

jomtien beach pattaya tourist family resort area

The Jomtien Beach area at night


In a word, if you want a relaxing beach holiday in Pattaya, then your choice is the Jomtien area.

At the Pattaya Park Hotel (which, by the way, is the most Russian hotel in the resort), there is a water park, an amusement park and the famous Tower, from which you can go down on a cable tied to the body. Plus, there are excellent panoramic views of Jomtien and Pattaya from above. Amusement park and water park at the moment (April 2013), enough, in a deplorable state. Local authorities promise soon new similar places. For example, the Cartoon Network Amazon water park has recently opened.

Not far from Jomtien there are such sights and entertainments of Pattaya as:

  • Nong Nooch Garden,
  • floating market,
  • Wat Yan Temple Complex,
  • Golden Buddha Mountain,
  • Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm,
  • Silver Lake Vineyard,
  • dinosaur park,
  • “bungee”,

As for shopping, several hypermarkets are located at the intersection of Tepprazit and Sukhumvit – Tesco Lotus, Outlet Mall. Not far from them – Home Works and Metro. There you can buy cheap clothes, shoes, groceries, souvenirs and much more. Prices are for Thais, therefore lower than in shopping centers in Central Pattaya. For example, Home Works has the cheapest prices for latex products, especially when compared with the so-called factories, where groups of package tourists are brought.

jomtien beach pattaya tourist family resort area

Mimosa Pattaya – Evening entertainment

Jomtien Beach, along with Pratumnak, is the calmest and best place in Pattaya for a beach holiday. It is for the beach, when the constant noise of cars and motorbikes is not heard when you can go for a walk in the wide expanses without the stone jungle and shopping centers. Jomtien is considered the cleanest beach in Pattaya, although you will not notice a very noticeable difference from Pattaya Beach. In any case, you should definitely not expect clear water and white sand. Like other beaches in the resort, it is more suitable for relaxation on sun loungers and evening walks.

Any water activities (skiing, parasailing, motorcycles, etc.), sunbeds, massage services, cafes, food and souvenirs are available on the coast. In the northern part of Jomtien, where there is no road, there are practically no private cafes and restaurants on the coast (only hotel ones).

There are fewer people on Jomtien than on Central Beach, many sunbeds are empty, and the coast, in turn, is much longer. After sunset, it is calmer here, and in the northern part, it is generally deserted, quiet and even romantic. If you want to enjoy the sound of the surf or sit with your loved one, then we recommend this particular part, which smoothly turns into Dong Tan Beach.

Many have probably heard that the resort of Pattaya is a bad choice if you are interested in the sea. With the exception of muddy water and some household garbage, in general, there is nothing really that bad. At the same time, if you combine lying on the beach with excursions and trips to the islands nearby, in particular, to the most popular and affordable – Koh Lan, then you will not experience any discomfort on vacation.

How to get to Jomtien

There is a public Songthaew between Central Pattaya and Jomtien for 10 baht. In Central Pattaya, their stop is a minute’s walk from Volkin Street, at the intersection of Second and South Streets. First, they walk down Tappraya Street. After crossing with Tepprazit Street, turn right and in a minute leave for the coast of Jomtien. Then they move parallel to the sea for several kilometers, disembarking and picking up passengers. Then they turn around and drive in the opposite direction.

If you want to get from Jomtien to Central Pattaya or Naklua, then catch Songthaew anywhere along the road that goes near the coast. Just keep in mind that 10 baht is the price to the intersection of Second and South streets, then you will have to pay 20 baht (if you need, for example, to go shopping centers). If you want to get to Naklua, then you need to get off at the intersection of Second and Northern streets (most likely the driver will drop you off himself, saying that the final one). Next, transfer to Songthaew, which stands at the beginning of Naklua Street.

jomtien beach pattaya tourist family resort area songthaew

Mimosa Pattaya – Elevated walkways

Get there From Suvarnabhumi airport

  1. Bus.

You can get to Jomtien directly from Suvarnabhumi airport, where all international flights arrive. Direct means no transfers in Central Pattaya. The airport has a bus to Jomtien, which arrives at Thappraya Bus Station, almost at the intersection of Thepprasit Road and Thappraya Road. The ticket costs 134 baht and is the lowest price you can get here.

Tapraya Bus Station is less than a kilometer from the coast. This distance can be covered on foot or you can catch a passing songthaew for 10 baht. If you stand with your back to the bus stop, then you need those that go to the left (in Thailand, left-hand traffic). If this is your first time, you can use a tuk-tuk taxi or minivan, which are at the bus stop. They can take you straight to your hotel door. The price is negotiable and depends on the distance. On average 100-150 baht.

If the nearest bus from Suvarnabhumi does not go to Tapraya Bas Station, but to the Northern Bus Station, then you can ride it. There are Songthaew at the bus station that take people to the Jomtien area at a fixed price of 30 baht. But there you have to wait until there are 10 people. This price is written on the electronic scoreboard, so you don’t have to ask the driver about it. Otherwise, he will understand that you are new to these parts and can break a decent price. Just get into the Songthaew and give 30 baht when you exit (it’s better to have it without change, otherwise impudent people come across and may not give it back). If you have never been to Jomtien, then ask in the cabin when you should leave. However, even without this, it is very easy to navigate: you will drive through the city for about 15 minutes, and as soon as you leave the coast, this will be the place you are interested in.

  1. Taxi.

At the airport, you can take a taxi in the arrivals area or book a transfer in advance.

Klang Villa residents can receive help when wanting to arrange a little expedition to this wonderful location. Just ask our wonderful team and we’ll make it happen for you.


Klang Villa residents can receive help when wanting to arrange a little expedition to this location. 

Just Ask Our Wonderful Team And We’ll Help Make It Happen For You!

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