The Military Beach in Pattaya

If you are in Pattaya and are wondering where to swim and sunbathe, then the military beach is an excellent solution. Firstly, it is easy to get to, secondly, it is the best beach in the vicinity of the city, and thirdly, when you stay with us, you do not need to worry about anything. We will arrange everything for you. We take care of all the worries about finding transport and pay for the entrance ticket to the beach. Convenient, easy and simple.

The military beach in Thai is called Sai Kaew Beach, in English, Military Beach, and it got its name because it is located on the territory of an active military base.

The beach is very popular with both locals and visitors to Thailand.

If you want to see fewer people on the beach, come on weekdays, as many Thai families come here on weekends for holidays and picnics.

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About The Military Beach

What is a military beach? It is a small lagoon on three sides surrounded by hills, 500 meters long, the sand is clean, grey-white, the coastline is wide – more than 30 meters wide, the entrance to the water is gentle, the water temperature is 24-28 degrees, the water is clean. There are a couple of restaurants and cafes, a small shop, toilets, showers. The duration of the stay on the beach is just under 7 hours. This is enough time to swim, sunbathe and eat.

Once you are at the beach, you can choose from various different types of entertainment, here they offer: riding a water scooter, banana boat or kayaking. You can rent an inflatable ring.

Military beach aka Saikaew Beach is approximately 400 m long, the sand is light grey, almost white in the sun. The water is clear, azure colour, there is very little silt at the bottom. There are many round, slightly thorny shells in the sand at the bottom, and other living creatures are also found. This is especially noticeable at low tide and very good for those that like to hunt for small sea creatures.

The peculiarity of this beach is that it is located on the territory of a military base. In Thailand, the military are actually very nice and they allow tourists to swim in their waters:) The advantage of this location is that the beach is very clean, tidy, quiet and peaceful. There are no unnecessary crowds of people. The beach is located just outside the city and is surrounded on three sides by mountains.

Another feature that should not be forgotten is that when entering the entrance to the beach at the checkpoint, you will be asked to leave some form of ID, a Passport or a Thai driving licence. You can pick up your documents when leaving the beach. Also, at the second checkpoint, you have to pay a 100 baht fee. 

Just recently the military has stopped letting people drive their vehicles into the base, so, you have to ride a motorcycle-taxi for 40 Baht, then you pay 100 Baht per person, then they take you to the beach on a tuk-tuk.

Entering the water, depth and waves

The water at the beach is very shallow and is very good to swim if you are just learning or swimming with small children. At low tide, this shallow water does stretch quite far out to sea.

Sun loungers can be rented for 30 baht, bedding for 20 baht. Low palms and other trees are planted between the path and the sea, providing shade. There are also bamboo gazebos available.

Along the beach it is decorated with the most beautiful flower beds, there are several cafes, rental of sun loungers, beddings and other tourist equipment. A little further back, behind the rented plank bungalows, there is a free toilet and shower.

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What Should I Take To The Military Beach?

The list of general items you should take to any beach include the following:

Headdress, Bathing suit, Towel, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Camera, Pocket money (food, drinks, sun lounger rental)

Of course, there are many options to get to the beach: However, Klang Villa residents can receive help when wanting to arrange a trip to this wonderful location. Just ask our wonderful team and we’ll make it happen for you. From our resort, it will take around 25-30 minutes to arrive at the beach.

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Klang Villa residents can receive help when wanting to arrange a little expedition to this wonderful location. 


Just Ask Our Wonderful Team And We’ll Help Make It Happen For You.

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