Show KAAN (Kaan) in Pattaya

The Kaan Show is a circus animated show of such a high level that there is nothing like it even in Bangkok.

  • Large-scale: once here you will see real rain on the stage, huge sea animals fly under the ceiling, and bubbles fly all over the hall, creating a full effect of presence. The combination of the most modern technologies, 3D animation, installations, sound, circus art, unique scenery and stunning costumes is truly amazing, captures all your attention from the first second of fabulous performance and does not let go until the very end.
  • A completely new format for Thailand.
  • Not drawn out, dynamic with an excellent setting

Kaan is the most spectacular show in Pattaya and is considered the most spectacular show in all of Thailand. In fact, this is a fairy tale, during which Asian myths are unobtrusively told to the viewer, the traditions of Thailand and neighbouring countries are shown. Most of the plot is borrowed from the “Ramayana” – the main book of the ancient Indian epic.

What kind of place is it

The main character is the hapless young man Kaan – lazy and ignorant. By chance, he finds himself in the world of myths and legends, and in order to return home, he must go through many attractions and trials. This is exactly what he does, along the way getting acquainted with the myths of his country, which he had not been interested in before.

Throughout six stories, into which the script is divided, the hero meets mythical monsters and villains from legends. Everything is so realistic that the audience involuntarily experiences the same feelings and emotions as the characters. The performance is organized in such a way that knowledge of the language is not required, what is happening on the stage is understandable without words.

kaan show pattaya thailand

In “Kaan” all kinds of performing arts are mixed: circus, classical and oriental theatre, dance, cinema, acrobatics, Thai boxing, gymnastics. More than three hundred actors are involved alone. Plus 3D graphics, special effects, pyrotechnics and much more. But it looks natural, and the special effects do not distract from the plot.

A theatre with a hall for 1400 seats was built especially for the show. And for visual effects, an 8-meter Imax 3D screen is used. In addition to modern technology, realistic decorations take part in the show, for example, during the performance, a real pirate ship appears on the stage.

The makeup with the costumes did not disappoint either: here are the traditional clothes of the peoples of Asia, and the theatrical costumes of various mythological creatures – mermaids, zombies, sea monsters. Everything is organized very professionally and looks like a breeze. The hall is always full, many spectators come here again.

kaan show pattaya thailand

How to get there

The Kaan Show takes place at the purpose-built Singha D’Luck Cinema in downtown Pattaya, close to Protamnak and next to Ratanakorn Market. There is a huge parking lot in front of the entrance to the building, and golf cars are brought up to the doors of visitors.

Tickets are sold at the theatre box office or online on the official website. Or you can buy them on specialized sites or get to the show as part of an organized tour. In the latter case, it is often cheaper – travel agencies provide discounts and transfers.

The stage is clearly visible from all sectors of the hall, so it is not necessary to buy the most expensive tickets to the front rows.

It is better to come to the show in advance – latecomers are not allowed into the hall until the start of the intermission, and even if you are only a minute late, you are guaranteed to miss the first part of the show.

Children who are strictly over five years old are allowed to attend the performance, you must definitely take your passport with you, the documents are checked, and without confirmation of age they may simply not be allowed into the hall. Of course, the money for the tickets will not be returned later.

Shooting is strictly prohibited. Batteries, accumulators and memory cards are taken away at the entrance (then returned), and inside the order is kept by special employees. For spy filming, they can be kicked out of the hall. But after the show, you can take pictures with the artists.


Working hours: Every day from 19:30 to 21:30

Official site:


Telephone: +66 81 700 5570


Standard seats: 900THB

VIP seats: 1200 THB

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