Visiting Pattaya? Take an afternoon to visit the sriracha tiger zoo!

Sriracha Tiger Zoo Entrance

Just a mere 40 minutes drive from Pattaya Rental Villa (Klang Villa), you can experience the world’s largest tiger zoo.

This amazing day will consist of a visit to the park with an amazing opportunity to have your picture taken with a baby tiger in their natural compound.

This is a once in a lifetime, thrilling experience surrounded with paws, claws and roars.

Since it first opened back in August 12,1994, the zoo has specialized in breeding tigers, crocodiles and many other animals that are of interest to many tourists.

The amazing management team at the Zoo has realized that it is a necessity to expand and develop the zoo in every aspect and modernize it to be compatible with international zoos. Its objectives are to educate society and entertain visitors.

Their focus is on the youth and to teach them how to conserve natural resources and join in with many activities.

As you can imagine, the tiger zoo has been a very popular attraction with tourists from all over, international and domestic, and is currently home to just over 400 Bengal Tigers which is one of the largest collections in the world.

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The zoo also houses a wide variety of other animals including crocodiles, elephants, pigs, camels and many other animals that you would never think possible to see in Thailand.

Of course, it is not all just a normal zoo. Pattaya Tiger Zoo is also an amazing circus and amusement park. With your ticket, you will have a variety of shows and experiences on hand where you can watch and also interact with the animals for that personal touch. If you are brave enough you can also get your photo taken with a tiger or even feeding one of the many tiger cubs. Please note that some of the extra activities in the park will come as an additional fee and may not be included in your entrance ticket.

This will not be a quick outing as there is enough to see and do in the park to keep you entertained for half a day or quite possibly the full day as there is a lot to take in.

So, when hunger takes its hold on you, do not worry as there is a restaurant on hand to grab some lunch as well as other food and drinks stands situated throughout the zoo.

Shows At the Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Tiger Show

Time for the beautiful Bengal tigers and their trainers to put on a stunning show for you to enjoy. You will marvel at the tigers as they start jumping through hoops of fire, walking on tightropes and much more. All that you see here is quite similar to what you would expect to see at a circus.

Crocodile Show

Everyone loves the crocodile shows and this is no exception. This is where you will see the trainers interact with some very big crocs by putting themselves in some very dangerous positions. You will even see some of the trainers putting their heads inside the open mouths of a very patient crocodile.

Elephant Show

This one is quite similar to other elephant shows that you will see in and around Thailand with the elephants doing a variety of cool tricks and just doing their best to make visitors happy.

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Animal Show Times:

Crocodile Show Times: 9:30, 10:30, 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00

Tiger Show Times: 11:00 13:30 15:30

Elephant Show Times: 11:40 14:30 16:30

Pig Show Times: Every 30 Minutes

Additional Activities

In addition to the main shows that you will see, Tiger Zoo also has many other activities to keep you entertained. Many you can just watch or actually take part in. Again, these shows are bolt-ons and not included in the original ticket price, but still worth paying for

These shows include, a tiger feeding piglets, a Pig feeding Tiger cubs and also the crocodile feeding. There is also the famous Scorpion Queen that lets dozens of big black scorpions crawl over her – so that is one to watch.

You can also take part in the Shoot’n’Feed. This is where you can take a rifle and shoot a target over the tigers den. Getting a direct hit will drop food that the tigers will run after.

If you want, you can also ride around the zoo on the back of an elephant, which is very cool.

Food and Drink

As mentioned, there is a main restaurant for lunch. This serves Thai, Chinese and western dishes. If you just prefer a light snack and drink, then there are also plenty of stands dotted around the park to choose from. The specialty of the house is a variety of crocodile entrees which are worth a try, if only to say you ate crocodile meat once.

Animal Cruelty Controversy

Many people have thoughts and ideas that these places are cruel to animals and that the animals are mistreated. We can tell you that at the Tiger Zoo the animals are well treated.

Getting There

From Pattaya:  The Sriracha Zoo is located about 30 minutes north of Pattaya.  If you don’t have your own vehicle it is best to arrange transportation by taxi, private car, or minivan. 

Opening Hours:  8:00 am – 6:00 pm, Restaurant Hours 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Address:  341 Moo 3, Nongkham, Sriracha, Chonburi 20110, Thailand

Phone:  (038) 296556-8



30 Minutes to the north of Pattaya, just off the Bangkok to Pattaya Highway.

Ticket prices

Walk-in ticket prices at the counter are:

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