Thai boxing: what is it and where to watch

Spectacular, aggressive and honest – Thai boxing (aka Muay Thai) has earned thousands of fans around the world. Many of them are sure that one should watch fights in this technique exclusively in the homeland of martial art – in Thailand. That is why, upon arrival in the country, thousands of tourists, first of all, buy tickets for Muay Thai tournaments.

A few tips: when choosing a stadium, preference should be given to the tourist capitals – Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, if possible, book VIP seats: you can see better, and do not neglect knowledge about this sport – it will be more interesting to watch.

History of Muay Thai

There is a legend that Muay Thai appeared 2000 years ago, but there is no evidence for this. The date of 1350 looks much more plausible. It was then that King Prachao U-Thong Ramoy Thibodi built the temple of Buddhai Sawan, where the school of Thai martial arts was located. The fighting skills taught here, based on the possession of swords and spears, were supplemented over time by the use of all striking surfaces of the body. This type of battle was called mai-si-souk (the art of fighting with hands and feet), and later – muay pah.

history muay thai legend

Some researchers, on the contrary, believe that it was Muay-powder that was the original combat technique, from which the Thai fencing school spun off, eventually simplified to “hand-to-hand combat”. Some chronicles say that long before the opening of the school in Buddhay Savan in the city of U-Thong, Muay-pahuyut competitions were organized, which became the forerunner of modern Muay Thai fights.

The Rise of Muay Thai

Thai boxing has been made famous by Nai Khanom Tom for centuries. In 1767, the offspring of an ancient aristocratic family was taken prisoner by the Burmese troops. In 1774, the King of Burma, Mangroy, chose him to participate in a ritual duel with 10 of the best local fighters, and the fights had to go on without interruption. Using the art of Muay-powdering, Nai Khanom Tom won 10 victories one after another. The impressed king gave the fighter freedom.

The night of the release of Nai Khanom Tom is celebrated in Thailand on March 17: on this day, competitions are held throughout the country to the glory of the great boxer.

Since the 1920s Muay Thai began to develop as a sport, rules were adopted that humanized fights: the fighters were allowed to bandage the shin and instep, and the hemp ropes that were wrapped around their hands in the old days were replaced with boxing gloves. The rules for holding competitions were partially fixed by the decree of the Ministry of Sports of Thailand in 1939 (the term “Muay Thai” was also introduced at the same time), and in 1955 they adopted uniform rules for fighting among the pros.

In the 70s. In the 20th century, Muay Thai schools began to open in Europe. In 1984, the World Muay Thai Association was established in Amsterdam, and in 1986, the International Federation of Amateur Muay Thai (IFMA) appeared on the basis of the Thai Amateur Muay Thai Association.

Nai Khanom Tom

Muay Thai today

There are more than 40 thousand techniques in modern Muay Thai, but it is enough for an ordinary fighter to master 30 basic techniques: 15 basic (mae-mai) and 15 additional (bow-mai). Of the mandatory elements – “bow to the teacher” (wai-khru) and ritual dance (ram-muay) before the fight.

Wai-khru demonstrates the student’s respect for the mentor, and in a dance performed to the accompaniment of a Javanese flute, cymbals and drums, the fighter asks for protection from the spirits and warns the enemy of the impending threat. According to the characteristics of the performance, experts can accurately determine the boxer’s belonging to one or another school of Thai boxing.

Nai Khanom Tom

Where to watch Muay Thai

Muay Thai competitions are held in all Thai boxing schools, in large and small stadiums. Fights can last all day: the youngest athletes compete first, then the youth and adults.

In Bangkok, Lumphini and Rachadamnern stadiums are considered to be the key venues for tournaments.

In Pattaya  – Pattaya Boxing World (387 moo 6 Sukhumwit, Naklua), Thepprasit Boxing Stadium (Thep Prasit 2 Alley, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District) and Max Muay Thai Stadium.

Phuket has  Bangla Boxing Stadium and Patong Boxing Stadium Sainamyen.

Regular ticket price: from 800 THB, VIP seats: from 1800 THB. If you wish, you can take a few Muay Thai lessons in Thai schools.

Thai boxing in Pattaya (Thailand)

Many tourists come to Pattaya and other regions of Thailand, but they forget about one fascinating, exciting spectacle – this is Muay Thai. So much adrenaline and emotions can be experienced while watching a live fight, it’s just beyond words.

There are Thai boxing schools in Pattaya, some of them have an international stadium, where various fights between Thais and Europeans (sometimes with Russians :)) often take place. In the photo above, you can see an advertisement for fights between Thais and representatives of other countries.

Schools where you can learn and watch real Thai boxing: Sitpholek and Fairtex Muay Thai Training Camp.

Tuition fees at Sitpholek:

  • 1 day 270 Baht
  • 1 week 1100 Baht
  • 2 weeks 2000 Baht
  • 3 weeks 2850 Baht
  • 1 month 3500 Baht

Prices for Fairtex Muay Thai Training Camp:

You can look at their website, they have their own Campus where you can live and train.

Note! If you choose a school, We advise you to pay attention to the Fairtex Muay Thai Training Camp, many titled fighters, as well as a good coaching staff.

Price of the show in Sitpholek:

  • If ordered in advance:
    • VIP seat 1000 baht
    • Regular seat 800 baht
  • If you come and buy on the spot:
    • VIP seat 1200 baht
    • Regular seat 1000 baht

Price of the show at Fairtex Muay Thai Training Camp:

  • VIP seat 1200 baht
  • Regular seat 1000 baht

Klang Villa residents can receive help when wanting to arrange a little expedition to this wonderful location. Just ask our wonderful team and we’ll make it happen for you.

Klang Villa residents can receive help when wanting to arrange a little expedition to this wonderful location. 


Just Ask Our Wonderful Team And We’ll Help Make It Happen For You.

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