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Excursions in Pattaya include not only island and jungle day tours, but you can also have a great time with the whole family in the evening. Lots of colourful shows are available for everyone.

The most common sight that attracts tourists from all over the world is the transvestite show. Even with children, you can come to the Alcazar or Tiffany Theater, the performance is within the bounds of decency. And your child will not even understand that the spectacular girls who sing and dance on stage were once men.

tiffany show pattaya ladyboy katoi pattaya

After the performance, everyone can take a photo with the transvestite for an additional fee. Pattaya’s nightlife showcase includes a historical performance at the Alangkan Theater, where you can learn more about Thai culture and traditions. Fans of magic tricks and mysterious tricks should visit the magic show in Pattaya.

Tiffany show

Tiffany is the most famous transvestite show not only in Pattaya but also outside Thailand. It is regularly included in the list of the world’s brightest shows and competes with productions of Cirque du Soleil and the Parisian cabaret Moulin Rouge. Therefore, there are always more people who want to visit it than there are seats in the hall, and tickets have to be bought in advance.

What kind of place is it

The first performance took place in 1974 and became the first in all of Southeast Asia. Now it is being held in a separate theater with modern special effects and professional sound and video equipment, and famous choreographers are working on the numbers.

The performances are held three times a day, seven days a week, and, despite this, they gather in full halls. The show lasts an hour and a half. During this time, viewers have time to show 13 musical numbers dedicated to the culture of different countries. Their main feature is that only ladyboys are on stage.

tiffany show pattaya ladyboy katoi pattaya

Transsexuals or, as they are called in Thailand, katoi, perform folk Thai, Chinese, Indian, Arab and Persian dances. While some artists are dancing the Brazilian samba, others are dashingly dancing to Kalinka-Malinka, and still, others are introducing the audience to the American stage.

All numbers are performed to the soundtrack. Classical music, folklore, and modern pop, jazz and country motives sound from the stage. Of particular interest are productions on the themes of the history of Thailand.

A separate presentation is dedicated to Russia. After all, a good half of the audience in the hall is made up of Russian tourists. The number is called “Tsarist Russia”, and in it ladyboys in luxurious furs and outfits perform dance numbers to Russian hits.

The costumes, decorations and general design of the performances are separate songs. In the video that the costume designers have tried – the artists’ outfits are very bright, colorful, decorated with sequins, feathers and boas. The most unusual costumes that have participated in the show before can be viewed in the foyer – there is a special exhibition.

How to get there

Tiffany Cabaret is located in central Pattaya, close to Beach Road, the Toy Museum and the Alcazar Theater.

Tickets are sold at the box office at the entrance, or you can book them on the official website of the show. You can order tickets through local travel agencies – then you will be taken to the cabaret with your own transport, so you don’t have to hire a taxi or go by tuk-tuk. Moreover, this is usually not reflected in the price of tickets, they will cost the same as at the box office.

The show runs three times a day and lasts an hour and a half.

There are always a lot of people who want to get to the show, so it is better to book tickets several days in advance. An important point – only children over 12 years old are allowed to the performance, although there are no shocking or explicit scenes in the script.

It is strictly forbidden to shoot in the auditorium. For piracy, you can be kicked out of the hall and even fined. But after the show, they not only do not interfere with photography but, on the contrary, actively offer to settle with the artists – albeit for a small fee. Just keep in mind that the more artists there are in the picture, the more expensive it will cost.


Prices tend to change depending on the show that day. Prices range from:

  • 500 THB Regular ticket
  • 600 THBVIP ticket

Classes of Tiffany’s Show Pattaya

  • VIP seats: located in the front area and on both sides of the stage (excluding the first 8 rows of seats in front of the stage)
  • Gold seats: 8 rows of front seats are located right across the stage
  • Mezzanine seats: regular seats, 9 rows of seats behind the VIP area

Things to know

  • You should arrive about 15 minutes early to redeem your ticket and get the best seat.
  • Cameras or video recording devices are not allowed in the show.
  • Please present your passport (copy/photo) for reference if required.
  • The staff has the right to not let you in if you are late for more than 15 minutes.

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