Top 12 Zoo's in Pattaya

Millions of tourists visit Pattaya every year. Some come to enjoy the nightlife, while others are interested in the sights of the city. If you come on vacation to Pattaya with children or just love animals, go to numerous parks and shows. You can go to the selected attraction on your own or book an excursion with a transfer. Many options come with impressive discounts when bought online. Read the full list of Pattaya’s zoos, aquariums and animal shows.

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Zoo Safari World

The large zoo “Safari World” is located between Bangkok and Pattaya. It was divided into 2 zones: a territory with animals without cages and underwater inhabitants in enclosures. I recommend going to Safari World in the morning so as not to miss the show. You will see a dolphin and fur seal show, a Muay Thai battle between orangutans and much more. And special pleasure will be given to feeding the animals. Just imagine how a giraffe pulls its blue tongue for a carrot.

Khao Kheow Zoo

The Khao Keo Open Zoo differs from the Safari World in its large size. It is also located halfway to Bangkok. You won’t be able to visit all two parks in one day, and why not. If your children can safely endure long excursions, feel free to go to Khao Keo. They will be greeted by long-necked giraffes, shy ostriches, clumsy rhinos and funny monkeys. In Khao Keo, you will see binturong and penguins. I recommend renting a golf cart right away. This will require a Russian license or any other. In the late afternoon, you can visit the night safari.

pattaya rental villa klang jomtien beach zoo safari surrounding area attractions

Dolphinarium in Pattaya

You can watch and swim with dolphins in two places: the old Dolphin World and the new Pattaya Dolphinarium. Both places differ in programs, interiors, types of animals, prices and more. The old “Dolphin World” was opened in 2011. Pink Irrawaddy dolphins live here. The new Pattaya Dolphinarium was built in 2017 and is home to 7 bottlenose dolphins and two fur seals. If you are going to the show for the first time, choose the new dolphinarium. The setting and show in it are much better than in the old one. But in the “World of Dolphins,” the price of performance and swimming with dolphins is lower.

Oceanarium "Underwater World"

Underwater residents in Pattaya can be seen at the Underwater World. “Underwater World” – a real journey into the depths of water with more than 4 thousand inhabitants. The Oceanarium is divided into several zones. The waterfall tank is filled with colourful carps that can be bottle-fed. There is an area with sharks and other predators, a sunken ship with reef fish, a 100-meter tunnel with a huge variety of inhabitants and a contact aquarium where you can touch starfish and stingrays with your hands. The ticket price is 500 baht for adults, 300 baht for children over 90 cm.

pattaya rental villa klang jomtien beach zoo safari surrounding area attractions

Monster aquarium

Another place with marine life in Pattaya is “Monsters Aquarium”. I would call it not an aquarium, but a small park with animals. The contact aquarium contains turtles and carps that can be bottle-fed. Terrariums are home to snakes, lizards, and other reptiles. Further, there are cages with birds and animals, a mini-farm of ponies and pigs. Different underwater inhabitants swim in aquariums. Even a small tunnel with slopes was built. But the setting is much simpler than the Underwater World. But a ticket for adults costs 120 baht, for children – 60 baht.

Swiss Sheep Farm

In my opinion, this sheep farm is the best in Pattaya for photography. It is located near the Khao Chi Chan cliff with a golden Buddha image. The farm resembles a small town in the Swiss Alps: neat houses of different colours, a mill, a fountain, flower beds, a pond with ducks and swans. It will be interesting for both children and adults to feed the sheep with grass, and the lambs with milk from a bottle. For an additional fee, you can ride a horse or in a tractor train from barrels, shoot a bow, look into the llama’s house. On atmospheric streets, retro cars, various sculptures, a farmer’s tractor are exhibited – you will have something to post on Instagram. For those wishing to stay in a Swiss village, they offer accommodation in a cosy hotel. Ticket price: 180 baht for adults, 150 baht for children.

pattaya rental villa klang jomtien beach zoo safari surrounding area attractions

Sheep farm in Pattaya

If kids are with you, head to Pattaya Sheep Farm. Unlike a Swiss farm, admission is free for a child under 140 cm. The ticket price includes visits to all contact enclosures with animals. Not only sheep live on the farm, but also alpacas, deer, pigs, rabbits, turtles. Separate entertainment – visiting a small bird park with roosters, parrots, peacocks, pelicans and geese. You can feed the animals for 20 baht. An adult ticket includes a bundle of sheep grass. For an additional fee, children can ride a carousel train, a Ferris wheel, donkeys or ponies, shoot a bow or jump on a trampoline. The ticket price for adults is 120 baht.

Siracha Tiger Zoo

Initially, the nursery was created to maintain the population of Bengal tigers. Over time, the zoo expanded, now other animals live here: crocodiles, elephants, pigs, rabbits, camels, goats, buffaloes, donkeys. A visit to the zoo is included in some excursions from Pattaya, for example, Discovery”. To see everything leisurely, I would recommend coming here on your own. The entrance ticket includes a show of crocodiles, tigers, elephants and pig races. For an additional 200 baht, you can bottle feed and take pictures with young tiger cubs. Zoo stars – a pig feeding tiger cubs, and a tigress-mother with piglets. Other entertainment – the queen of the scorpions. The girl hung with scorpions, invites you to take pictures with her pets. Entrance tickets to the Siraca zoo cost 450 baht for adults, 250 baht for children.

pattaya rental villa klang jomtien beach zoo safari surrounding area attractions

Tiger Zoo Pattaya

A separate tiger nursery has been opened in the Jomtien area. Predators live here from a couple of weeks to several years. Tigers are not tied by chains, they run, play, swim in the pool. Having bought a ticket, you can go to their cage, pet and take pictures. Zoo staff will accompany you, they will also explain the rules of conduct. If you do not want to take pictures with tigers, for 200 baht you can enter the territory and observe the life of the striped. Babies will only be allowed into the enclosure with tiger cubs, and children from 120 cm can already go to older tigers. For visitors, there is an additional photographer service and a buffet lunch with a view of the tigers. The cost of a ticket to the tigers depends on their age and starts at 800 baht.

Pattaya Elephant Village

There are many camps in Pattaya where you can ride elephants. The Elephant Village is Thailand’s first private farm to provide shelter for old and sick animals. Its owner has worked as a driver for more than 40 years and knows firsthand how difficult it is for wild elephants to survive in captivity. Previously, local animals worked in the jungle for 8-10 hours a day, transporting wood weighing up to 500 kilograms. In the village, elephants live more freely. They put on shows and ride tourists to earn money for their upkeep. After all, up to 5 thousand baht per day is spent on each, and the village is not funded by the government. You can also walk in an area that is as close to natural conditions as possible, where more than 30 elephants live. They move freely in the park without chains or leashes.

pattaya rental villa klang jomtien beach zoo safari surrounding area attractions

Pattaya Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

If you are against animal exploitation at all, go to the elephant sanctuary. There is no show and no elephant rides. Animals walk freely on the territory of the reserve without chains. Each animal has its own caretaker. You can cook food for elephants, feed them, take pictures and bathe – unforgettable emotions for a lifetime are provided. There are morning and afternoon programs in the reserve. It is better to choose an earlier visit before it is too hot. The half-day excursion includes lunch, round trip transfers and all activities.

Pygmy pony farm Pipo Pony Club

If your child cannot live without the characters of the cartoon “My Little Pony”, then you definitely need to come here. The pony farm resembles a fairy-tale world with a castle, pink cars, a pumpkin carriage, wigwam shops, gnomes and smurfs in a clearing. The territory of the park is small and includes an arena for shows, stables, open lawns, a restaurant and a terrarium with snakes, monitor lizards, iguanas. The show takes place four times a day. Visitors will see an acrobatic show featuring Indians, cowboys and horses. The pony farm has an equestrian club for children from two years old. For 100 baht you can ride a pony or horse, for 40 baht you can feed them. The entrance fee to the farm is 500 baht for adults, 300 baht for children from 90 cm.

The animal world in Pattaya is diverse, from reef fish in the aquarium to regal tigers and majestic elephants. It will be interesting to spend time in the city not only for adults but also for families with small children. Your child will be happy to feed a giraffe or sheep on the farm, swim with dolphins and see a giant grouper. Enjoy your stay in Pattaya.

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