Thailand is famous for its markets and fairs

There are quite a few of them in Pattaya. Some sell clothes, others sell fruit and food, and still, others are suitable for evening entertainment.

The floating market in Pattaya is distinguished by its special flavour. All shops, souvenir shops, cafes and other buildings are located right on the water. Here we will tell you the main features of the floating market that you will not find anywhere else.

The total market area exceeds 100 thousand square meters. The vast territory is divided into several cultural sections: North, Northeast, Central part of the Kingdom and the South.

The idea of ​​the four regions of Thailand was not chosen by chance. The market owners have created not just a place with food and goods, but a platform where Thai and foreign tourists come to get acquainted with the cultural and gastronomic peculiarities of the country. Even the houses on the water are built in the style of the different regions of Thailand.

The floating market is unlike authentic places in Bangkok, where the brisk trade has been going on for several centuries. It is rather one of the attractions of Pattaya. The market was built as a park with traditional fairground entertainment, music performances, family restaurants, snacks and shops. Pavilions and terraces are set on stilts, and visitors walk along paths above the water.

The beautiful shoreline of Pattaya City

Floating market in Pattaya

The first region that you will meet at the main entrance is Northern Thailand.

Traditional umbrellas adorn the spaces between the rows of houses. In the centre of the northern zone is the Ganesha Temple and museum.

For a donation, you can take a set of flowers and incense sticks and make an offering.

Those who believe in fate should read fortunes. In front of the main statue of Ganesha at the entrance, there is red glass with chopsticks. You need to shake it so that one of the sticks falls out. Remember the number, go deep into the temple and read the corresponding prediction.

You should definitely get acquainted with the cuisine of Northern Thailand. One of the popular dishes is Khao Soi noodle soup. Aromatic and contrasting broth with curry and coconut milk, juicy meat and crispy noodles on top perfectly convey the atmosphere of the Lanna kingdom. It is also worth trying the Sai Ua appetizer – pork sausages grilled with spices and herbs.

In the shops, you will find typical souvenirs: handbags and shoes with attributes of the mountain people of the north, colourful umbrellas, carved wood paintings.

Several times a day there is a “sea battle“. This is where two Muay Thai boxers will fight on a log located above the lake.

If you are into active entertainment, then try flying the cable car over the water. The cost of this is 100 baht.

Central Thailand

The beautiful shoreline of Pattaya City

The largest floating market area is central Thailand. Souvenirs and food from this region are familiar to everyone. Tom Yam, Tom Kha, different types of curries, Pad Thai noodles, corn pancakes and much more are known to many who come to the Kingdom. For desserts, why not try the sticky rice mango, Khanom Byang sweet taco pancakes, or the bamboo baked glutinous rice with coconut milk.

In this area, there is a photo studio with Thai-style costumes. You will not only be dressed in traditional attire, but you can also put on some makeup. In the arena, Muay Thai fights take place every day. Yes, these are not real fights, as in stadiums, but still a good show for the public.

Northeastern Thailand

Isan is a common name for several provinces in the northeast of the Kingdom, where people are mainly engaged in agriculture. It is from this region that the famous Som Tam papaya salad, grilled chicken with glutinous rice, and Mu Ping marinated kebabs come from. If you love desserts, try Khanom Jak – coconut glutinous rice cooked in palm leaves.

The performances of the Isani ensembles take place on the stage every day. Several men play Luktung and Country music on traditional instruments. Here you can sit down at the low bamboo tables near the water, order food directly from a passing boat and feel the whole cheerful atmosphere of the Isan fair.

Southern Thailand

The features of the south of the Kingdom are familiar to those who have been on holiday in Phuket. The floating market doesn’t have the same variety of food in the UNESCO City of Gastronomy, but there is still something to be found for everyone. Try the spicy sea grape salad, roti pancakes, Khanom Jin curry noodles, fried seafood, traditional southern-style coffee and tea. Even crocodile and ostrich barbecues are sold for those that want something a little more exotic. And of course, you can not leave without trying the “fried” ice cream.

Your children will love the carp pool and the small goat corner. The animals can be bottle-fed for 20 baht. In this area, you will find Bridge of Love – a perfect photo spot for lovers.

Entertainment and Attractions

The floating market is interesting to go to on any day, especially on a holiday. The owners host special performances and contests for Songkran, Loi Krathong, Valentine’s Day and other special days. The floating market ticket includes admission, performances by Thai musicians, boxing, viewing of all the shows and boat parades. Book it online at a discount and show your voucher at the entrance.

Separately, there are other tickets available which include: boat or barge riding, cable car, and Thai costume rental. These and other activities described above can be purchased separately locally. There is a garden museum near the floating market, where you can get acquainted with various medicinal herbs and spices, the process of making silk, and watch a monkey show. You will be taken to the entrance by a free tram. A ticket to the herb garden can be purchased separately.

How to get to the Floating Market?

The floating market is located 10 kilometers from the center of Pattaya. From the center, you need to go south towards Mimosa, Nong Nooch Park and the military beaches. A taxi from the city center costs 200 baht one way. If you are driving on your own, you can not miss the huge barge boat at the entrance. Why not combine a walk through the market with other nearby attractions: The Underwater World Aquarium or the Tiger Park.

Floating Market prices

The cost of souvenirs on the floating market is higher than in Pattaya itself. It should not be regarded as a shopping destination. But there are unusual handicrafts here that you will not see anywhere else in Thailand.

Thai food, drinks and desserts are inexpensive. Chicken kebab costs 20 baht, crocodile – 30-60 baht, ostrich – 70 baht. Drinks for 30-50 baht, desserts from 20 baht. Thai massage 200 baht per hour. Bring your pocket money with you. Enjoy a walk in the atmosphere of a bustling market on the water.

Pattaya Floating Market

Address: 451/304 Moo 12, Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya

Coordinates: 12.867879, 100.904967

Opening hours: daily from 9:00 to 19:00.

Ticket price: 200 baht at the box office, discounts when booking online. Children below 120 cm can enter free of charge.

Official website:

Phones: 088-444-7777 (If calling from Thailand, from a local SIM card )

Opening hours: daily 09:0020:00

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