Visit Underwater World In Pattaya While Staying At Pattaya Rental Villa

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While Staying At Pattaya Rental Villa, Take an Afternoon To Visit Underwater World in Pattaya

The Best Aquarium In Chonburi – Underwater World, Pattaya

Pattaya Underwater World Entrance

Explore five zones at the Underwater World Pattaya and spot over 5,000 types of fish

Interact and touch sea creatures at the Touch Pool zone

Enjoy three feeding shows including shark and manta ray feeding

Have an entertaining day at the premier education and marine conservation sight in Pattaya

This is your little breathtaking realm of the sea. Underwater world is Pattaya’s first and only underwater experience theme aquarium.

Laced with 105 metres of long beautiful acrylic tunnels, this wonder will make you think that you are walking through an icy ocean cave.

This park supports numerous attractions for visitors of all ages. In fact, this aquarium is particularly child-friendly, with touch pools and koi feeding sessions, with its long viewing tunnel being the highlight.

The park is divided into several zones such as the Coral Reef Zone, Giant of Siam Zone, Shark and Stingray zone, the aquarium is also famous for Jellyfish in Thailand.

Two things will come out of your day trip to this amazing park, and that is that the aquarium is a true visual treat for the adults and a very educational experience for the kids. May it be creatures that are docile or predatory in nature, every zone is packed with information about the species in the form of boards and place cards. Some of the sea creatures can be fed or touched to give the visitor the ultimate underwater experience.

The park has over 2500 aquatic animals and the aquarium is now home to well over 200 different animal species. Some of these animals include sea otters, sharks and a rare genus of ray called the shovelnose ray.  Marvel at attractions such as the touch pool, the magic tank, and the feeding ponds, the Underwater World of Pattaya is the ultimate ocean experience presented as the ideal tourist’s dream.

Underwater world Pattaya offers a rare opportunity to soak in the beauty, the colour and the underwater world without actually having to dip a toe into the ocean.

Things to do in Underwater World Pattaya

Ray Pool: As you enter the park, one of the first attractions you will see is the Ray Pool, this has starfish, bamboo shark, blue spotted ray and archerfish. A second pool houses species such as sea star, sea cucumber and bamboo shark.

Feeding the Koi fish: The Aquarium does have feeding programs, and this allows people to feed the koi fish. Scatter the pond with food and watch in excitement as you see the eager fish popping up to have some food. This is excellent for the children as it will give them a sense of compassion towards the sea animals, plus it is also fun for the adults.

One of the many ferries that are waiting to take you to paradise

Feed the turtles: There is also a turtle feeding pond in the aquarium. Here is your chance to get up and close to pet these wonderful creatures and feed them from a stick. It is amazing to see these otherwise dormant creatures eat their food.

Colourful tropical fish and corals: As you walk around you will see several tanks and aquariums that are home to amazing corals and a variety of tropical fish such as the angelfish – This fish is very colourful with a round flat body which allows them to hide in narrow spaces. The butterflyfish, with its beautiful bright yellow and orange colours, lives in the coral reefs of tropical oceans as does the lionfish, a beautiful tropical fish with red and white bands and large, spiky fin rays.

Other tanks house fish such as moray eel, scorpionfish, sea horses, tang fish with their very bright colours as yellow and blue and the colourful clownfish as well as beautiful corals. Don’t miss the giant crab and the lively Asian small-clawed otters, the smallest otter species in the world.

Walking through the sea in the glass tunnel: Take a walk through this amazing 105-meter long acrylic tunnel and experience walking on the oven floor without actually getting wet. Surround yourself with aquatic creatures of all sizes and colours including sharks, stingrays and giant groupers as the fish swim right next to you and above your head, and a perfect time to get all the selfies.

Take a seat and watch the sharks swim over your head!

Coral Reef zone, Open Ocean zone and Giant of Siam zone: This tunnel is split up into different zones. You have the Coral Reef zone where you will see many species of colourful corals and tropical fish like shoals of giant trevally. The Open Ocean Zone that houses blacktip reef sharks, eagle rays, black-botched rays, fat nurse sharks and shovel-nose rays. In The Giant of Siam zone, there is an artificial shipwreck that serves as a shelter for the marine animals such as the arapaima, a very large freshwater fish that can grow to a length of 15 feet.

Aquarium staff make visitors’ photos in the glass tunnel which you can buy at the shop near the exit.

Feeding Program at Underwater World Pattaya

Several times a day, visitors can watch how the fish are being fed by the amazing staff. Feeding times are:

  1. Moray Eel Tank: The creatures in this tank are fed during the afternoon at 2 PM.
  2. Coral Reef Zone: The creatures in Coral Reef Zone are fed twice during the day at 10:30 AM and 3 PM.
  3. Open Ocean Zone: The marine animals in this zone are fed twice during the day at 11 AM and 4 PM.
  4. Giant of Siam Zone: The creatures of this are fed twice during the day at 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM.

With all that said, for me, I like going solo as I prefer the freedom of doing what I want when I want. You then have the option to stay on the island overnight if you decide that you want another day on this amazing island.

Diving with the sharks and rays

This is definitely something you will not want to miss. This is a chance to get up close and personal with giant groupers, sharks and stingrays. You will receive coaching and then you will dive in with an instructor.

Food & drinks, souvenirs:

There is a food court at the front of the building for visitors to get snacks and drinks.  If you need or want to pick up some souvenirs they have a big shop with all sorts of trinkets.

Tips for Underwater World Pattaya

Please carry ample water with you.

Make sure you wear comfortable and light clothes.

Wear comfortable shoes as the aquarium is large and has to be explored by walking.

Do not forget your camera as the scenic beauty of the oceanic creatures should not go uncaptured.

Always carry identification with you. You will not be able to enter the premises without valid ID proof.

Where is Underwater World in Pattaya?

Opening hours & Entrance Fees

The aquarium opens daily from 9 am until 6 pm. Last admission is at 5.30 pm


Child rate: Height 90 – 130 cm

Toddler: Height under 90 cm


Diving & snorkeling

All 3 diving & snorkeling programs either in Tank 1 or Tank 2

Prices include admission fee

Photography with flash is not allowed.

Just Ask Our Wonderful Team And We’ll Help Make It Happen For You.

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