How to relax in Pattaya. A ready-made plan for an wonderful vacation

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This is a guide to relaxing in Pattaya and how to get the most from your holiday.

How to see all the most interesting things and at the same time have time to relax on the beach. We have compiled a rich vacation plan in Pattaya, combining the most interesting excursions, attractions and beach holidays.

How to relax in Pattaya

So, you are already counting the long-awaited days until the moment you get on the plane and fly to Thailand to be happy. Rest is just around the corner. You are in anticipation of all the new experiences you are about to have and imagine how everything will turn out.

Most people feel that the word rest is just lying on the beach, swimming in the sea and sunbathing, so much so that later everyone would envy your bronze tan. And it goes without saying that you cannot do all this without eating local delicacies.

And for some, relaxing in Pattaya is primarily associated with a rich program, with excursions and sightseeing.

Today we will talk about the second category of vacationers. About those who came for the experience and want to take with them joyful memories and a sea of ​​photos.

The beautiful shoreline of Pattaya City

How to plan your Pattaya vacation

While visiting various places in Pattaya, we have come up with the ideal plan to share with you. Our reflections on how we feel it is best to relax in Pattaya if we came on a vacation for the first time. How to combine a beach vacation with excursions, but at the same time not be overwhelmed, but manage to catch moments of peace from your time out.

What to do in Pattaya and how to spend your vacation

It is best not to go on any excursions on your first day. Relax! Most often, tourists are brought to Pattaya after lunch. Tired of the road, you naturally want to take a shower and have a nap.

You will be free only by 5-6 pm. And you will probably want to still run into the first excursion tent and go somewhere for the rest of the day, no matter where you go. However, ignore this thought and take a step back.

Do not worry, you will have time for everything, you are on vacation, so rest and on the first day do not rush to get anywhere. Better book 1-2 short excursions for tomorrow. For example, Nong Nooch Garden in the morning and the Colosseum Show in the evening.

What to do in Pattaya on the first evening

On the first evening, you will definitely want to take a camera and it doesn’t matter that you haven’t sunburned yet! The first pictures then upon arrival home will be viewed with emotion.

So, after a small trip out, you put the camera down, went to the shower, and now it is off to the restaurant. You are very hungry by now, and as you walk down the street a thousand and one smell hits the nose. And what a choice of seafood … mmm!

Choose any restaurant or cafe you like, preferably with a sea view. You can order everything that you have ever dreamed of for so long before the vacation.

After dinner, you can go to the sea and walk along the embankment. Looking at the sea, thoughts come to mind, as tomorrow you will splash in it.

This is how the first day should go. Not tense, not intense, but calm and unhurried. Everything will be in time, do not worry, because tomorrow is a new day.

Day 1: excursion to Nong Nooch, lunch, beach, show with transvestites

Today can already be called the beginning of your full vacation.

In the morning, wake up very early,  and a minibus will come for you and take you on an excursion to the Nong Nooch tropical gardens.

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The excursion to Nong Nooch lasts from 8 am to 1 pm. Therefore, at lunchtime, you will already be free, although you will still be emotionally charged and have a bunch of photos of these beautiful gardens.

You can now devote your free time to the beach and going to the cafe. You are free until evening.

At around eight o’clock, a fascinating show with transvestites awaits you, which will not leave anyone indifferent. We advise you to forget about the fact that they are transvestites and enjoy the costumes and dances.

Nong Nooch Tropical Gardens and Dinosaurs

Day 2. Trip to the islands. Excursion to Koh Samet or on your own to Koh Lan

Since the sea and beaches in Pattaya are far from the best, we advise you to go to the island for a beach holiday. We suggest taking a one-day excursion to Ko Samet.

All-day on the island you will enjoy the white sands, and be amazed at how clean the water is. The main thing is not to overdo it with sunburn, it is better to smear yourself with cream.

On Koh Samet

You can go to Samet island on your own. The most convenient way is to take a minibus transfer. You can go for just one day, but since the island is located 70 km from Pattaya, it would be better to stay for the night. Our staff will help you plan this trip

But if you have limited time or do not want to strain, then it will be easier and faster to go to the nearest island of Koh Lan.

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Koh Samet white sand beachs and lazy palms

On Koh Lan

If you do not want to spend money on an excursion to Ko Samet, you can independently go to the island of Ko Lan, closest to Pattaya. It is a little less exotic than Samet and there are more tourists on it. But compared to a beach holiday in Pattaya itself, Ko Lan will definitely impress you with its blue waters.

Koh Larn crystal clear waters and white sand beachs

Day 3. Khao Kheow Zoo and rest

Everything should be in moderation. In order not to expose your pampered and already, slightly reddened body, today you can rest it and in the morning you can set off to the Khao Kheo petting zoo.

Coming to Thailand and not going to look at kangaroos, sloths, lions and a huge number of animals would be an oversight. We will not allow it, and we can organize our vacation in a rational and varied manner.

As in the case of Nong Nooch Garden, after the zoo at lunchtime, you will again be free and on your own. This time can be spent at our hotel by the pool, go to the beach, and in the evening visit a massage parlour and dine in the restaurant.

Khao Kheow zoo insurrounded by trpical vegetation and wildlife

Day 4. Temple of Truth and Walking Street

On the fourth day, you have already got used to it and you can go somewhere on your own without the help of travel agencies.

In the morning, relax at our hotel or on the beach, and in the afternoon take public transport, which is called a tuk-tuk, as the fare is only 10 baht ($ 0.3) or take a minibus to one of the most popular temples in Pattaya – the Temple of Truth, the largest wooden temple in the world.

Everything is simple there. Buy a ticket and explore the temple up and down for as long as you wish. The photos will be very impressive.

After the cultural program, the non-cultural program begins. Take a tuk-tuk in the opposite direction and go to the famous Walking Street in central Pattaya.

Many people say that if you have not been to Walking Street, then you have not been to Pattaya either. This opinion, of course, is exaggerated, but why not go. It will be interesting because you have not seen anything like this before.

Stop by a bar along the way, order food, drink and have an extraordinary evening. And while the rest of the tourists dine in their boring cafes, you will remain in the epicentre of evening life. There will be something to remember at your leisure and tell your friends.

By the way, in most bars you can play billiards for free if you order something to drink.

The sanctuary of truth is a true wonder that must be seen

Day 5. Relax on the beach of the Dancing Girl

What an intense and bright day you had yesterday, and especially the evening. Today you just need silence and inaction. Yes, and as yesterday, the body rested from sunburn. You can again devote time to the beach.

After the island of Samet or Ko Lan, you have already been spoiled. Now the beaches of Pattaya look depressing. But we have one trick up our sleeve. We are going to the beach with a very original name – ” Beach of the Dancing Girl “. You can now spend the whole day under the palm trees and relaxing.

Do not forget to put on another swimsuit, so that there are even more different photos for you to show off.

In the evening after the beach, you can manage the time as you want. But it’s best not to strain yourself and not repeat yesterday’s adventures in the bars on Walking Street. Since tomorrow there is a two-day trip to another province, where you will see a completely different Thailand.

Sunset on Pattaya Beach

Day 6-7. River Kwai excursion to Kanchanaburi province

Be sure to take the River Kwai 2-day excursion. Finally, you can see the true beauty of Thailand’s nature.

You can go boating on the floating market, go up to the temple, climb the waterfalls, test yourself on river rafting, saddle a real elephant and forever remember spending the night in houses on the water.

River Kwai Excursion train track view

Day 8. Rest, massage

Rest, and more rest. For this one day, you are not going anywhere, and you are not going to fuss, and you are not looking at the clock. Today you will just relax on the beach with cocktails, gorge on delicious treats, swim in the sea or in the pool, and when you need to recuperate, then time to get a Thai massage.

Day 9. Boat excursion Madagascar

Today you are setting off on a small sea adventure. A lively party awaits you on the ship, animators will entertain you, arrange funny contests and dance. In addition to a boat trip, you will visit the islands where the monkeys live. Your tan will take hold, your endorphin dose will rise, and you will not want to come back. Or maybe you want to. After all, there are still many interesting things ahead.

Day 10. Bangkok

Today is only the tenth day of vacation, and you have rested and been swimming on both the islands and on local beaches, seen the sights and had many excursions. And this day will be no exception!

Now is the time when this trip can no longer be delayed. You are heading to the capital of Thailand.

So, let’s take the “Bangkok Classic” excursion. All the most exciting things for the first acquaintance with Bangkok you will receive 100%. See the city, ride the river trams, stroll around the Emerald Palace and dine at a restaurant of one of Bangkok’s tallest buildings, Bayok Sky.

Day 11. Ramayana water park

Although yesterday’s excursion was not as tiring as the two-day excursion to the River Kwai, you still want to re-fill with the energy of the sun and idleness. This is why people come on vacation. They go to the Ramayana water park.

You will be taken by a comfortable minibus to the largest and most sophisticated water park. And if until now you were somehow prejudiced, like me in my time, Ramayana will change your mind about this type of entertainment.

It is not necessary to ride the water slides, although I assure you that you will not resist them.

If you want you can just relax, sunbathe, swim in the stunning pools, explore the vast territory of the Ramayana and say to yourself: It’s right that we came here.

It is best to come to the water park very early, or at least by 11 o’clock if you want to get some sleep. And stay until closing time. You do not want to miss anything at this amazing adult paradise.

Ramayana Water Park is always a blast, not just for the kids!

Day 12. Military Beach

Water parks and swimming pools are good, of course, but nothing can replace the sea! And even though the vacation is already coming to an end and there is much more to see, but today you will have a relaxing day at a good beach in stock, leaving only the evening free.

This is Military Beach or Sai Keo Beach. Here you will find turquoise water (from November to April), with a sandy bottom, clean beaches and well-groomed areas.

On a note. If you are not very interested in a beach holiday and are quite satisfied with the quality of Pattaya beaches, then you can spend your time in a different way. For example, go to the Mini-Siam miniature park, to the oceanarium, to the dolphinarium. Go-karting or bungee jumping at Pattaya Park Hotel.

Day 12. Option II. Instead of the beach, take a car and drive around the area

Better yet, rent a car for 1 day and go outside of Pattaya, arranging yourself an unscheduled, but intense program. At the helm, you can easily reach nearby attractions that are less occupied by tourists.

Hints, where to go and what to see by car: Buddha Mountain, Silverlake Vineyard, Upside Down House, Sheep Farm, Wat Yan Temple and Art in Love Park. All places are close to each other and can be viewed in one day. You won’t get lost and don’t have to travel too long or far. The trip will be easy and stress-free.

The relaxing quiet beach know as The Military Beach

Day 13. Excursion to Koh Sichang island

It’s a pity to leave like this, without going on an excursion in the end. 

Today we are going on a sea excursion to the island of Ko Sichang. It is located very close to Pattaya. Since the tour includes not only swimming on the beach but also exploring several interesting places in Sichang, it will be a great day.

Day 14. Rest and shopping

The final day of your vacation. This will be spent optimistically and informatively, we leave time for the beach, for gluttony and shopping.

Where can you go for shopping and souvenirs? On the last day, you will want to buy everything that you did not have time to buy during this vacation. Including souvenirs for relatives, fruits for relatives and do not forget about a gift for yourself!

Where to buy fruits, souvenirs and clothes

Jomtien Evening Market

Teprazit Weekend Market

Festival Shopping Center

Terminal 21 Shopping Center


In our opinion, having spent your vacation in Pattaya in this way, you will return home not only refreshed, vigorous, tanned and positive but also a little enlightened. Because so many excursions and so many attractions will leave their mark on your soul.

In your free time, we advise you to definitely try Thai cuisine. We recommend first of all the spicy Tom Yam soup and the Som Tam papaya salad. Also, be sure to go for a Thai massage. And don’t forget the fruit!

Just Ask Our Wonderful Team And We’ll Help Make It Happen For You.

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