kaan show

The Tiffany Show – Pattaya

The Tiffany show - Pattaya Excursions in Pattaya include not only island and jungle day tours, but you can also have a great time with the whole family in the evening. Lots of colourful shows are available for everyone. The most common sight that attracts tourists from all over the world is the transvestite show. Even with children, you can come to the Alcazar or Tiffany Theater, the performance is...

Show KAAN (Kaan) in Pattaya

Show KAAN (Kaan) in Pattaya The Kaan Show is a circus animated show of such a high level that there is nothing like it even in Bangkok. Large-scale: once here you will see real rain on the stage, huge sea animals fly under the ceiling, and bubbles fly all over the hall, creating a full effect of presence. The combination of the most modern technologies, 3D animation, installations, sound, circus...

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