The Ramayana Water Park Is An Excellent Place To Visit While Staying At Pattaya Rental Villa

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An amazing day out at the ramayana water park

The best attraction in Pattaya has to be its water park – RAMAYANA 

Ramayana is South East Asia’s biggest water park and it is right here in Pattaya. It does not matter if you are young or old, a good swimmer or just a beginner, this park caters to all. The park will offer you the best day out with fun, thrills, excitement, and relaxation for all the family

Ramayana Kids zone

In this park, you will see many breathtaking slides which include some of the longest in the world and some are unique to the park e.g the Python and the Aquaconda.

You also have a massive wave pool, a lazy river that you can travel around the whole park soaking in the sun and scenery, Two kids areas, many many restaurants, a Thai massage for those that want to relax more, and many other attractions.

Ramayana Python and Aquaconda skides with Silver Lake in the distance

The water park is kept clean and tidy all day so those of you that just want to walk barefoot, you can do so.

Can’t swim? Your safety in Ramayana Water Park is the primary priority. Near every attraction, there are three safeguards on duty ready to help anytime. So, enjoy yourself and try any water slide you like, even if you are not a good swimmer. Remember that you are safe here.

Just 15 kilometers south of central Pattaya, the water park is situated amidst scenic surroundings and close to famous attractions like Khao Chi Chan and Silver Lake, if you want to add on some extra sightseeing to your visit.

21 Water slides

At Ramayana, you will find 21 water slides including some of the longest and biggest in the world and four that you won’t find in any other water park in Thailand.

Map of Ramayana Waterpark Attractions

The park offers a good variety of slides for all ages and levels of bravery. Ride them as often as you want and get one adrenaline boost after the next. For safety reasons, riders need to be over 122 centimeters tall to ride the adult slides.

Warm-up with the Spiral, Serpentine & River Slide

When you get to the park you will not know where to start. So why not start with the Spiral, the Serpentine, or the River Slide. These are three amazing rides to warm up with and a great start to the day

You can choose to slide down in a single or double tube through the Spiral or go for the Serpentine, a ride that is half open and half closed ending up rushing to the pool. The River Slide will end up with a massive splash right into the Lazy River

Feel the ground disappearing from under your feet

For the adrenaline junkies out there, then the next two rides are just for you. These are probably the park’s most thrilling rides – well, at least to get the heart going.

First up we have the Aqualoop, this is the more tamer of the two rides but still a scary one. As you are standing in a capsule waiting to go, the times hits zero the world from under your feet will just disappear as you plummet down and race through the 360 degrees enclosed loop before ending up in the pool

Next up is the Freefall. This is a favorite of mine for many reasons. You climb into a capsule waiting to be launched.  The timer will then go 3-2-1 and bang, the floor will disappear and you will be plunged down a vertical drop. It is a ride for those that like their heart in their mouths.

Some of the longest rides in the world

This next ride is one of a kind in Thailand. It is called Duelling Aqua Coasters. This is one of the longest rides in the world. Seated in a double tube, friends will race and battle to the end along a 230-meter long ride through two adjoining Aqua Coasters.

One of the longest water sildes in the world

Up to four riders in a raft will experience unparalleled thrills and excitement in the Python and the Aquaconda, two more very huge rides that cannot be found anywhere else in Thailand.


Another great ride is the Boomerango. This water slide is amazing.

After the start, you will soar through an enclosed helix followed by a steep drop before sliding upwards to enter the Boomerango quarterpipe.

Unlike the other two rides at the tower, this one does not allow single riders, two people are required in order to use the attraction. So best go with a friend.

Pools and the Lazy River

When all the excitement of the water slides or if you just want to relax from the start, then why not take in the sun at one of Ramayan’s pools. At every pool, you will find sun loungers shaded by parasols.

The Double Wave Pool is the park’s biggest with a 150-meter long beach. The pool is split in two, so one half of the pool has large waves and the other is more gentle

The Relax Pool is a bubble pool with a swim-up bar that is serving various drinks.

Swim or float in a tube down the Lazy Wavy River, a 500-meter long winding river with geysers, waves, water bubbles, waterfalls, and a cave.

Lazy Wavy River

Aqua Play & Aqua Splash for children

Ramayana doesn’t forget the littlest of us either, with kid-sized slides into a dedicated pool for the small ones, and plenty of places to paddle around and play in the Aqua Play Rain Fortress and Aqua Spray Toys for Tots pool

Other attractions

Ramayana water park is more than a waterpark. Play beach volleyball and football with your friends and family. Also, other thrilling activities such as the green maze and shopping locations at the floating market. Walk across the lake island and witness Thai nature at its finest- exotic fruit trees, local herbs, spices, and many more.

Next to the Double Wave pool, you can sit, relax and enjoy a massage at its best. Just try not to fall asleep

Food, drinks & ice cream

With plenty of spots to grab a bite to eat, you’ll never go hungry at Ramayana! One of the pools even has a swim-up bar, should you feel a hard-earned thirst coming on.

It does not matter where you come from or what your taste in food is, at Ramayana, they have a large selection for both the Western and Asian markets. Or if you are feeling too relaxed, you have order your food and have it delivered to your chair or private cabana

There are plenty of ice cream and snack kiosks around the park as well as several bars including one in the Relax Pool.

Location and how to get there

Ramayana Water Park is located at 9 Moo 7, Ban Yen road in Sattahip district about 20 kilometers from the center of Pattaya town in the same area as Buddha Mountain and Silver Lake Vineyard.

How to reach: The waterpark is just 30 – 45 minutes (depending on traffic) away from Pattaya Rental Villa

The park offers a shared shuttle van service from anywhere in Pattaya between Naklua and Jomtien. Fare is 240 Baht round trip transfer. Children that sit on their parent’s lap join free.

Contact the park here:

The park’s address is:

9 Moo 7, Ban Yen Rd., Na Chom Thian, Sattahip Chon Buri, Thailand 20250

Opening hours

The park opens daily.

On Sunday to Friday from 10 am until 6 pm.

Saturday from 10 am until 7 pm.

International buffet lunch is served from 11 am until 4 pm.

Entrance fees

Toddler: Height max 90 cm free of charge.


Entrance Fee
฿ 1,190
  • sdf

Unlimited Buffet Lunch

฿ 299
  • sdf


Entrance Fee
฿ 890
  • Child rate: Height 91 - 121 cm

Unlimited Buffet Lunch

฿ 199
  • sdf

Optional Purchases

Locker standard size

฿ 99
  • sdf

Locker large size

฿ 120

With your ticket, you will receive a wristband that can be used to make cashless payments for things such as food, drinks, locker rental, and massage. Add money to it at the ticketing desk. The remaining balance will be returned in the shop on exiting the park.

No food or drinks from outside can be brought into the park.

For safety reasons, only swimwear without metal pieces like zippers and buckles can be worn. Necklaces and metal watches cannot be worn on the slides.

If you are looking for a hassle-free day then Klang Villa residents can receive help when wanting to arrange a little expedition to this wonderful location.

Just ask our wonderful team and we’ll Help make it happen for you.

Pattaya Rental Villa - Pool side in the afternoon

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